FFXIV Bot for ARR | Combat – Crafting – Fishing – Gathering

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Bot Features – v1.8.2

**Free 15 Minute Demo! Download Now From The Link Above**

  1. Assist Bot – Auto assist any player/group with heals and damage.
  2. Fate Bot – Attack and participate in F.A.T.E.S with Level Sync.
  3. Standing Bot – Camp/attack at a location for all night Gil & Exp.
  4. Moving Bot – Roam around fighting all nearby mobs
  5. Spam Login Bot – Spams the login screen so you can actually play!
  6. Crafting Bot – Craft up to 4 different items including High Quality Material while MINIMIZED.
    **Blows away Moetoy and FFXIV Helper!
  7. Fishing Bot – Fish all night long with perfect hook detection and MINIMIZED
  8. Gathering Bot – Use waypoints to collect Mining and Botany nodes

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