Previous Change Logs

v1.7.3 – 9/15/2013
OK you guys are going to love this. Fishing bot now will work minimized. This is a pre-cursor to version 2.0 coming when i convert all the Bots to work this way!
*Changed the way keys were sent for fishing so you can run it MINIMIZED!

v1.7.2 – 9/14/2013
Fishing is finally here at BasaBots! This one took me a while and I had to learn and program to read the memory of the game. This is my first release so I will call it Beta. The fishing bot will only read the memory when a fish is hooked and heal it in. This is still safe since we are not injecting anything into the game. You will find a new Fishing Tab with a couple instructions in the interface. This requires no special resolution. ENJOY!
*Added Fishing Tab
*Added fishing bot
*Added the ability to read the games memory which will open the doors to a lot more awesome stuff!
*Slowed down Crafting HQ commands so hopefully works better for people

v1.7.2 – Coming Soon
Hey guys, sorry I have been a little MIA. I have been working really hard at getting Fishing working. I hope to have that done by the end of the weekend. I know there are some more requests out there as well and a couple bugs i need to fix and I will be getting to those soon as well. Stay tuned!

v1.7.1 – 9/9/2013
Simplified the register/checkout process. No longer have to “register”. After payment, the Bot becomes automatically registered based on the license number you provided before purchase.

v1.7 – 9/7/2013
Price Increase (only for new customers)
*Crafting is now available! Download the new version now. Watch the Tutorial Video to the left or on the Bot Info tab.
*Price increased to reflect additional features
*Fixed a couple combat/program bugs but cant remember them
*Can now stop bot/close the app when paused (Better usability coming later)

v1.682 – 9/5/2013
Ok guys, I am very confident on this release that it will be very reliable for everyone. I found 4 different sets of pixel layouts using the 1280×720 windowed mode so it has caused a lot of problems when used from 1 computer to another. I have coded around this and I hope everything is working well now. Please keep reporting your problems as I am fixing them as fast as I can. Please give me some good feedback too if it is now working for you. That would be very helpful!
*NEW Interface! Added a TAB for Crafting…..COMING SOON
*Added a “Licensed” tag that will show up if your copy of the Bot is licensed
*Major over-haul on the healing function to take into account for different pixel locations
*Major overhaul on most pixel locations I use to take into account for different locations
*Added better re-targeting after healing/selecting yourself
*I am sure i did a couple other things but i cant wait anymore, posting this now…

Let me know what you guys think by commenting on my Facebook Post!. I am tied between adding the map image or just leaving it out. If you have any other ideas let me know. Since the servers were down i couldn’t do any real work on the Bot so i figured i would give it a little bit of an interface lift. And no….crafting is just a place holder….I haven’t started on that yet….but as you can see i want to soon!

v1.681 – 9/3/2013
OK, So I have sadly found out that there are Pixel differences between my client and other people’s clients. It appears to be only about 5 pixels so i have taken that into account and programmed for it. I believe this is why there have been a lot of problems with the Bot just not working at all. Please keep sending me your feedback because i truly do want to make this bot for you.
I am going to continue fixing bugs in 1.68 and not add any new features until it is solid.
*Added support for differences in pixels per computer. (you still need 1280×720)
*Healing party members is temporarily broken in this version until i can re-code it.

Client Configuration Change for v1.68
I have made a discovery that a setting I disabled affected the pixel locations in the game window. I will now require you to disable dragging your game window to change your resolution. This will be helpful to have enabled anyway so you don’t accidentally drag the window and have to re-set it. Checkout the Bot Info page for instructions

v1.68 – 9/2/2013
Alright i have been eagerly working on 1.68 to fix a lot of the bugs everyone has reported. Here are the bug fixes:
*Fixed a big problem where you would get stuck targeting yourself when healing
*Fixed a big problem with the Fate Bot where it would stop targeting anything
*Fixed fate bot where it would not Level Sync
*Fixed a Moving Bot Bug that was causing some classes not to move
*Changed DOTS from casting 1 time per mob to every 20 seconds
*Added the option to turn off auto-follow on the assist bot
*reworked some pull targeting to take into account mobs already attacking you
*Improved pulling so you do not pull 2 mobs at once
*cleaned up a lot of code and simplified / complicated some things to make it run smoother
*HEALING much improved. Will wait until low then continue to heal all the way full instead of healing one-off
*Added a Character Slot select to the Spam Login and increased the mouse move speed to make it go FASTER.

Thank you everyone for your feedback, it is helping make this a much better Bot for everyone!

v1.67 – 9/1/2013
*Fixed a bug with the Fate Bot that wouldn’t allow you to attack red/agro mobs
*Fixed a but that would not apply dots using the assist bot
*BETA: Spam Login Button. Will click through the “world is full” until you get in

v1.66 – 8/31/2013
*Added resource management. If your TP or MP is low, you will now rest
*Added assist after healing to make sure you stay targeted to a mob and do not pull additional mobs if you have a pet (now requires assist macro if healing)
*Added mob error checking if healing or resting to make sure you dont have any agro mobs.
*Added a timer to prevent you from turning when searching for a mobs so much. delay in turning is about 7 seconds
*Changed rangecheck function.
*Added BrokenGear function. Stops the bot if your weapon breaks
*Checking for out of range on Fate Bot. If in range, use normal attack sequence (Finally!)
*Added the ability to check skills 2 and 3 for dots. Dots cast once per mob
*Better checking for mobs that are attacking you before you start resting
*More pet friendly

v1.65 – 8/30/2013
Updated and cleaned up a few files. No major bug fixes.

v1.64 – 8/30/2013
There was a small bug with reading the player’s HP bar. The gradiant caused some weird problems when health is lost. Allowed for more varried colors to search for on the HP bar. This fixed healing for the Heal check box as well as going into “passive heal mode” by stopping the attack to heal.

v1.63 – 8/29/2013
Another bug was found by a dedicated player. Bot wouldn’t pull after targeting a player. This is now fixed.

v1.62 – 8/29/2013
Found another Array Bug. Program would crash when healing. This was due to some bad logic on the healing function. I fixed the code but i have not been able to test yet. Releasing version v1.62 anyway because i am confident this solved the problem =)

v1.61 – 8/29/2013
Small bug with buffing and license info. Fixed. Possible bug with standing attack bot but might have to wait till later to fix

v1.6 – 8/29/2013
Wow that took a little longer than expected (Up all night coding) but well worth it. Now the product is much more reliable and licensing is much easier. Checkout the Buy Now page to purchase from here on out.
*Unlimited free 15 minute trials. Everyone can try it out again!
*Program closes after 15 minutes if not licensed
*For those who already purchased, just go ahead and register your computer. Instructions are on the Buy Now page
*Fixed Fate Bot, wasnt attacking full red agro mobs. now he is
*Fixed a healing bug with passive healing “resting out of combat”. Now rests until full HPs
*Fixed a bug where if you were solo, you couldnt target yourself to heal. This should be working now.
*Confirmed Windows 8 Support on 2 different systems. WORKING
*Changed Attack-4 (which was hardly used) to a 90 second cooldown skill.
*Added registration button in the top right above Help and added your License# on the Help Button
*Low HP mobs were not being considered as a mob to attack. Improved this.
*Improved healing so healing takes priority over attacks. Not stress tested but should be working.
*Edited the global cooldown from 2550ms to 2500. might change back if i see a lot of misses

Woosh that was a lot of updates. I hope you guys enjoy. Also, the previous security method didnt allow international users to register/run the Bot. Now they should be able to no problem! And unlimited 15minute free demos should give everyone a chance to try it out!

v1.6 plans – 8/27/2013
*Update security method, it sucks. sorry for troubles guys
*Possible crafting in the future. some fun stuff coming….just wait but prob wont make it in 1.6
*Windows 8 support (important one for me)
*any suggestions? send them my way on the support page

v1.5 – 8/27/2013
*I had a lot of good user feedback of features that were waned so….Here They Are!
*Allowed healing to be enabled on any of the bots now
*Gave people an option to allow turning to be turned on or off (lots of turns)
*Gave you the option to consider targeting purple (someone else has agro) mobs or not
*BUFF OPTION! Right now it is set to cast every 10 minutes. bound to key 6
*Updated help buttons with new information
*Made the “stop attacking and heal” function work for real this time
*Cleaned up Fate Bot code
*Standing attack bot can now heal and buff
*Movement bot has been improved. Allows for healing and buffing. Range check detection improved
*Removed the annoying Admin Rights on execute – I don’t think it helped
*Not going to package in a .zip. waste of time haha

V1.4 – 8/26/2013
IForced the program to run as an administrator. I had several issues with values not being written to the registry and I believe this was the cause.
*Updated the bot run button to switch to your game window as soon as you click the button
*Updated the Move Bot to take into account ranged mobs better.

V1.3 – 8/25/2013
Version 1.3 is now available on the download links above
*Re-Did the Fate-Bot so it is more accurate. There were some memory leaks in this bot as well that have been fixed so it is more reliable as well
*Made the Move Bot more reliable and quicker to respond and move.
*I fixed some issues with registration and trials
*ZIPPED the exe so it is more user friendly when downloading from a browser

V1.2 – 8/24/2013
Version 1.2 is currently available on the same download link above. You can tell what version you are on by the icon in the top left of the bot.
*Discovered some memory holes and non-terminating loops that caused the probram to hang/crash. FIXED
*Discovered the resolution was 1920×1080 as opposed to 1280×720. This caused a lot of problems for people because the bot wouldnt work under any other resolution. Now it is a more universal setup so anyone can use
*Overall stability of the app is working now
*ReWorked a lot of detection in the bot that allows for quicker response to events

V1.0 – 8/24/2013
Initial Release
*Assist Bot
*Fate Bot
*Standing Bot
*Moving Bot