Finally got some time to push out an update.  I didnt get everything in here but I wanted to push out the major change to crafting.

  1. CRAFTING OVERHAUL – This will fix a lot of synth button issues and problems moving the crafting window.  Just make sure crafting window and all buttons are on screen when you use now.  Should be able to be used in any resolution.  Make sure you are not moving the mouse around when you use this new version as it can cause problems.  Screen has to be up (will not work in background).  Kinda works in background if you are not using more than 1 stage after it selects the item you will be crafting.  Semi-background if that makes sense
  2. Stats Tab.  This is a work in progress/beta.  Examples and testing results.  You can check it out, but this is work that I am doing to make major changes to the combat bots which will be ALMOST my next focus.
  3. Made the fishing bot move to the side 3 seconds instead of 2. I couldnt get mooching in on this one but i hope to get that and increased movement when stealthed in next patch.
  4. Added some major memory modules and functions to allow me to further expand this type of programming and getting the program ready for THINGS TO COME!

I will be changing the theme of this website again sometime soon so i can put in a bigger DOWNLOAD button.  New Patch is available on the main download link at the top. Get it while its HOT!