Well there is some good news and some bad news with v1.7.6.  Good news is, i was able to complete everything i said i was going to!  Crafting in the background with a lot more accuracy! The bad news is i didnt have enough time to weed out the bugs for another function i wanted to add, so that will have to be a surprise for later.  Fixed a small fishing thingy too.

**Update: Forgot to update the version number in the bot >.>  I will update it later tonight.  Just know the one on the download link is the new version.

1. Crafting Bot – COMPLETELY RE-WORKED. Minimize / Background mode now working.  This version should be very stable. This bad boy does reads memory, but still safe. Lots of error checking. Will skip crafting if there was an error. Will let you know how many it skipped.
4. Fishing Bot – Added delay between re-cast to improve accuracy.
5. Fishing Bot – Added a timer reset so the character doesnt move to the side when you first use the bot

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