Current & Future BasaBots Status

I would like to share a little bit about the status of BasaBots 2.0 and what the future holds.

Current Status: As of right now, many of you already know that further development of BasaBots has stopped.  This is mainly due to personally not playing the game anymore (although I still hold an active account), and the amount of time it requires to create additional functionality.

Future Status: I would still like to provide an up-to-date working copy of BasaBots available to you as I know there are still many that use it.  The current problem for myself is finding out exactly when FFIX has been updated and it has broken the Bot.  I have updated a few things and would like to ask you to send me a direct message on The Tavern forums.  I have made some changes so I am alerted properly and ask for you to send me a quick message for a quicker update.

BasaBots grew much faster than I could have ever anticipated.  I attempted to bring on a second person 3-4 times, but without success.  If i was able to have someone assisting me with BasaBots, this would have been bigger than it already was, but alas, it wasn’t so.   I put my heart and soul into BasaBots over 2 years and there is still a lot to show for it.  I really appreciate everyone who stood by the product, and I am sorry if I have failed anyone.  There were some major periods near the release of 2.0 where I considered stopping all-together due to life situations, but I pushed through because I know I needed it, as well as you guys.  I could see myself opening up the code sometime down the line, or if someone is seriously interested in reviving or purchasing the code, I would be willing to have that conversation.  This is no small feat to keep running and took a lot of hours learning C# to move it to a stable coding platform.

This is not goodbye….just a long-winded update and story.  I will be poking my head in more as I have made a conscious decision to still play a part in  Please share your questions, concerns, and suggestions if there are small things that need to be changed / removed (like removing Fate Bot?).  Thanks again….


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