Fishing Bot

Fishing Bot – Fish and Move Between WaypointsFFXIV Fishing Bot

  • Bait: Select your Bait Skill (Will attempt to auto select)
  • Cast: Select your Cast Skill (Will attempt to auto select)
  • Hook: Select your Hook Skill (Will attempt to auto select)
  • Mooch: Select your Mooch Skill (Will attempt to auto select)
  • Food Buff: If Enabled, you must select a food from your hotbar (default 30Min timer)
  • Mooch Enable: If selected, will use your mooch skill when triggered
  • Mooch Twice: If enabled, you will mooch a second time!
  • Stealth: If enabled, you must select a stealth skill.  This will keep you stealthed while fishing
  • Sprint: Enable sprinting between waypoints
  • Waypoint Delay: Delay before moving between waypoints in minutes
  • Fishing Waypoints: Set wayponts to different fishing holes
    • Saved Configuration: Save your waypoints with the first line as the title to use at a later time
    • Open File: Open the Waypoints.txt file where all your waypoints are saved
    • Save: Save your current waypoints in the Waypoints file
    • Delete: Delete the currently selected saved waypoint
    • Load: Copy the selected waypoint into the Waypoints box
    • Up / Down: Organize your waypoints by moving the selected saved waypoint up or down


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