Gathering Bot

An FFXIV Gather Bot for Mining and Botany resources

  • GatheringGather Skills: Skills used before harvesting, select in order of use
  • Skill Sequence:  The results of selecting skills from the dropdown
  • Gather By Name:  If enabled, you will search through the list for a specific item to harvest.  You must type at least 3 letters in the field to search for an item.
  • Food Buff: If enabled, you must select a food item on your hotbar (default 30Min timer)
  • Enable Stealth: If enabled, you must select the Stealth Skill.  This will keep you stealthed through your gathering waypoints
  • Enable Sprint: This will make you sprint between your waypoints (Hotkey set in Bot Options)
  • Gather Waypoints: Setup your gathering node locations.
    • Stand next to a node and select “Add Waypoint” to add that node in the list
    • Walk to each mining/botany node in the area and create a waypoint for it
    • If there are objects in the way, make sure to set waypoints to walk around the object and make sure to change the “Node Group” to 0 so it doesn’t look for a mining/botany node
    • You can also group nodes together by changing to the group from 1 to 2 or 3 for a set of similar mining/botany nodes that are on the same spawn timer. if you havest 1 item from a node group, it will skill the rest of the nodes in that group
    • A typical gathering setup will have 4 major locations where the Mining/Botany nodes spawn and 3 minor spawns within each of those major locations where a node can spawn.
    • This means at minimum you should have 12 waypoints for each location you want to harvest
    • Typically it will take several rounds to discover each minor node location, so be patient with the spawns or hit the forums!
  • Label Waypoints: Once you have all your waypoints set, make sure to label your waypoints and use the save function at the top of the waypoints menu to use reuse the waypoints.
    • Saved Configuration: Save your waypoints with the first line as the title to use at a later time
    • Open File: Open the Waypoints.txt file where all your waypoints are saved
    • Save: Save your current waypoints in the Waypoints file
    • Delete: Delete the currently selected saved waypoint
    • Load: Copy the selected waypoint into the Waypoints box
    • Up / Down: Organize your waypoints by moving the selected saved waypoint up or down


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