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Crafting – Make any recipe from Alchemist, Armorer, Blacksmith, Carpenter, Culinarian, Goldsmith, Leatherworker, Weaver, Dye, Housing, Beast Tribes, or any other option in the Crafting LogFFXIV Crafting Bot

  • Saved Configuration: This is the same as the waypoints window, but for crafting.  Save your crafting stages with the first line as the title to use at a later time
    • Open File: Open the Crafting.txt file where all your stages are saved
    • Save: Save your current crafting stages into the Crafting File
    • Delete: Delete the currently selected saved crafting configuration
    • Load: Copy the selected crafting configuration into the Crafting Stages box
    • Up / Down: Organize your crafting configurations by moving the selected craft up or down
  • Recipe Level: The level of recipe to use.
  • Item Number: The item number in the list you would like to craft starting from 1 at the top
  • Qty: How many you would like to make
  • HQ Material: How much HQ material should be used for each item
  • Select Skills: skill sequence used during synthesis. Select your skills to use in order
  • Crafting Sequence: The results, in order, of your craft skill selection
  • Tricks Of The Trade: If you select the TotT skill here, it will use it every time it is triggered
  • Class Change Skill: You must have a macro set to change your gear to a new class.  If this is selected, you will change class BEFORE you start to craft the recipe
  • Add Crafting Stage: Once all your options are set, click this button to commit them to the Crafting Stages box.
  • Enable Food: If enabled, you must select a hotbar food item (default 30Min timer)
  • Desynthesis After:  If enabled, you need to configure the Desynthesis Tab.  This will Desynthesize items after you have crafted them!
  • Crafting Stages: The results of all the configuration input for a single recipe.  Each recipe is located on a new line.  Make the first line your title for your crafting stages and save it to use later.

Desynthesis – Breakdown material into raw pieces.  Can be used alone or after all Crafting StagesDesynth Bot

  • Repeat Crafting/Desynth: If you set this to a value, it will repeat all your Crafting stages then Desynth for the number you set this to.
  • Desynthesis Skill: You must have the Desynthesis skill in your Hotbar.  Select it here so BasaBots can open your Desynth Window.
  • Desynth Name:  Enter a new item on each line.  You must type at least 3 letters per item that you want to Desynthesize.


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