BasaBots Options – Change key configuration and various other values used by BasaBotsBasaBots Options

  • Key Descriptions: These are the hard coded keys used by BasaBots.  Select a configured key and click the Change Key button to configure BasaBots to use a different key
  • Key Value:  The actual key that will be pressed for the specific action
  • Reset Button:  This will reset ALL KEYS back to default
  • Change Key: Click on this after you have selected a Key to change the value
  • Bot Options: These are variables used by many of the different Bots that you are given control over.  Most never need to be changed.  If you do change them, be warned it could cause negative effects.
  • Bot Options Value:  This is the actual value used for the specific variable.  Please be warned, not all values can be decimal, and keep letters out of these fields ya hear?!
  • Reset: This will reset ALL KEYS back to default
  • Change Option: Click on this after you have selected a Bot Option to change the value
  • Zoom Hack:  This should allow you to extend your characters camera FAR away from your character.  Be Warned: this does write to the game’s memory

You may also use some other features inside BasaBots located at the top of the App

  • Not Attached/Numbers: This lets you know what game BasaBots is currently connected to.  If you click this, it will bring a drop-down menu to select a different game to attach to.
  • Flag: This will allow you to change the language of the App.  This was completed with an automated process so if you are interested in helping with some of the translations, please post at the taverns @Basanoviat
  • Check Mark / X: This lets you know your license status.  If it is a green check mark, you are all set and licensed!  If you have a red X that means you are in trial mode or your license failed to be recognized.  This also lists your “legacy” license number if you are using a legacy license, this might matter, otherwise, it can be ignored.
  • Save Button:  This will let you create a save copy of the entire APP with all variables.
  • ?: This will bring up the help menu which will direct you to different places for help.  This also has a Debug Window button which will display some information about what is happening inside the App.  Not very useful for much of anyone but me >=)
  • -: Minimize, come on you know that!
  • X: Dont make me explain what this button does…..yeah it closes the App…
  • Run Button: This guy runs the Bot that you currently have setup on the screen
  • Stop Button: This will stop the current Bot running
  • ||: This is a pause button.  It is slightly experimental!


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